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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

100 Action Verbs To Avoid On Your Resume

100 Action Verbs To Avoid On Your Resume

By now, most people now the value of action verbs for energizing a
resume.  But be careful - not all action verbs are created equally.
While there are plenty of guides that list action verbs to use, they
never bother to tell you the action verbs to avoid. Below, we offer a
list of 100 action verbs to avoid on your resume.

Abandoned             Absconded             Angered
Arrested                 Bankrupted            Blocked
Blundered               Botched                 Broke
Bungled                  Busted                   Cancelled
Closed                    Clowned                 Complicated
Compromised           Consumed               Crippled
Defrauded              Degenerated           Delayed
Demoralized            Derailed                 Destabilized
Destroyed               Discouraged            Disobeyed
Disrupted                Dissolved                Distorted
Dropped                  Embarrassed           Enraged
Erred                      Exaggerated           Failed
Followed                 Fouled                    Frustrated
Fractured               Flustered                Goofed
Help up                   Hesitated                Humiliated
Ignored                  Incapacitated          Indicted
Infuriated              Instigated               Jailed
Lied                        Liquidated               Lollygaged
Mangled                 Misguided               Misbehaved
Miscalculated         Misfiled                  Misidentified
Missed                   Misstated                Mistook
Muffed                  Neglected               Overcalculated
Overestimated        Overlooked              Pissed off
Postponed               Ravaged                  Robbed
Rumored                 Ruined                    Scared
Screwed up            Shredded               Sidelined
Slept                      Slowed                   Sneaked
Stalled                   Stole                      Subverted
Sued                      Ticked off             Underestimated
Undermined            Vilified                  Violated
Wasted                  Wavered                 Weakened
Withheld                Wrecked                 Zapped

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