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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Résumé Writing Skills

Résumé Writing Skills

What your résumé should cover:
  1. Your Details
  2. Education Background: include, school and college.
  3. Work Experiences: include internships, work experiences if any
  4. Skills: you can mention your online research ability, your proficiency in a foreign language or any Indian languages, computer skills, cross cultural sensitivity and why, organizational skills, etc.
  5. Credits: include all awards won; curricular and extra / co – curricular
What your résumé should leave out:
  1. Details – a résumé should be brief and concise; leave details for the interview
  2. Personal life stories
  3. Bad grammar – make sure you have your résumé checked by your peers before submission
  4. Vulgarity and abusive language
  5. Hobbies – these can be included if you have won accolades / awards for them otherwise let them be
Make Sure:
  1. If you have no work experience, your résumé SHOULD NOT be more than a single page
  2. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are correct.
  3. Send a cover letter along with your résumé
  4. Do not attach / send photographs.
  5. Carry extra copies of your résumé with you.

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