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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


By Umesha S, Infosys

Education today is highly pedagogic in character and its primary aim is employment and bread winning. Education in the largest sense of the term means an opportunity for learners to participate usefully and efficiently in different departments of life.

In the post independent India, industrial advancement is taking place rapidly. Therefore an earnest attempt has to be made to supply the best available talents from the portal of the higher education to the growth of industry. Industry compared to education is moving forward by leaps and bounds. No doubt education is not only popular but widespread. Still a lot has to be done to bridge the gap between the two.

Industry requires not merely brilliant students from the academic field but also brilliant students who can efficiently cope with the responsibilities that may be assigned to them in an industrial establishment. Merit, experience, independence of thinking and participation are vitally essential from academicians to contribute something worthwhile so that industry doesn’t feel the poverty of matured and right men with vision and training.

To bring about a healthy, harmonious and integrated social advancement, education and industry will have to cater to each other needs. It is unfortunate that the courses of study and the opportunities for exposure to practical needs of industry are not easily seen or available. On the other side industries are growing so fast that knowledge of yesterday becomes a little outdated and practically irrelevant.

In order to make the education the backbone of industry the best brains from both the fields have to explore the possibilities with a workable program. In this connection industries themselves have to reach out to centers of technical and industrial education quite early and help academicians prepare promising talents to acquire suitable knowledge and experience to fulfill the needs and strengthen the hands of industry.

One center of excellent education set up by Infosys is the “Global Education Center(GEC) “ at Mysore. GEC has a pattern of training the young engineers which is not be universally same in character but it is specially oriented to satisfy and keep pace with industrial advancement.

In the ultimate analysis industry and education should work together in harmony to produce altogether new kind of curriculum and syllabus for the growing generation so that there will be no education which is time consuming but the finest talent are made available in the shortest span of time. An earnest attempt in this regard is the new Infosys initiative “Campus Connect”.

Along with these initiatives good number of campus selections and trainings will have to be opened so that eligible candidate for industry is caught quite early and inspired to take up the challenging industrial advancement.

The initiation for translating the dream of growth of both education and industry must come from the sponsors of industry because it is commonly realized that industry have the necessary economic status and vision for industrial growth. Thus industry themselves have to year mark a certain amount of their own time and plenty of infrastructure so that educational centers can give talented people hope, growth, and security after their training.

The future of industry should have the centers as their backbone and therefore one always grows with the assistance and co-operation of the other. In short it is going to be a rewarding and a richly beneficial joint endeavor.

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