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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

TCS Interview

The test got over by 10pm. Result announced at 11.45pm. they shortlisted very few. From class of 100, only 2 or 3. our class had 145 students of which, 5 selected. Interview at tcs office. A form was given to fill. Be careful when filling this form. Only enter what u know. Don’t try to fool them. U’ll be fooled.

One very imp. Thing: be specific when writing career objective & write something that u know abt… I wrote abt being a team leader in 3yrs. & becoming a design analyst in 5yrs. If u write this, they’ll definitely ask abt sdlc. U should have an idea abt it.


Be cool, they’ll not kill u. there were 2 guys for my interview.
1st person: Tell something abt urself..
Me: I introduced myself, my educational background with all percentages(imp!), told them abt my hobbies
1st person: abt ur family
Me: I told abt my father, mother & brother & where they r presently working.
2nd person: what abt ur project in media player ( that’s my mini project)
Me: I explained what it was, how it was done, it’s features, etc.. (he was satisfied, after which he left, he didn’t come back)

1st person: aked abt main project
Me: explained it in a detailed manner. It’s functionalities too.
He: he asked which was my fav. Sub.( he’d seen in the form tht I’d put c & c++), he asked to specify one.
Me: I said c

How many types of dbms?
I said abt rdbms, network dbms, hierarchical dbms..

Where they r used?
Rdbms-where relation betn entities exist, hierarchical where data represented in tree structure, n/w I frankly told I’ve no idea.

Then he asked my objective at tcs, what I would want to be in 3-5yrs. I said exactly as I’d written in the form. He was impressed. He asked many things abt sdlc. Importance of design in s/w.

What u know abt tcs?
I started from beginning, established in 1968…. India’s 1st billion $ co., annual revenues in 2004 stand at more than $2billion… abt it’s vision…. Has employee-friendly hr policies.
At this pt, he was impressed

How do u know?
I said abt attrition rate being lowest in the industry-6%

What u want to contribute to tcs?
I told them abt the products developed by tcs, many patented products, how I’ll use my technical skills in future productions.

What r u interested in other than curriculum… like he’s interested in physics?
I said I’m interested in analyzing current topics(one of my hobbies-reading news magazines).

Will the UPA govt. last it’s full term?
I said yes & gave my reasons on how the left is bound to support it.

Is BJP a communal party?
(Even if u think so, don’t say yes) the BJP as a party has it’s own principles. The congress & the left r naming it as communal for their own benefits and bla, bla, bla….

Any problem with relocation?

R u aware of the agreement?
We’ve not been told but I’ve heard there’s a 2 yr. bond.

R u ready for that?

If the bond is increased to 3 yrs., will u sign?

If it’s 5 yrs., then?
Yes, it’s worth it.

Don’t think u’ll go abroad by joining tcs?
I’m not joining tcs for going abroad.

Any q’s?
Tcs is the 16th company worldwide & u r aiming to be among top 10 by 2010, which co.’s r u competing with?

Do u have any idea which companies r above us?

We’re competing with IBM, Accenture, etc… these r among the top 5. Do u think we’ll be able to do that?

Any thing else?

That’s it!
All the best!
Thank you.


Verbal: Go through barron’s. it’s enough & old papers.
Quant: old papers
Reasoning: barron’s 13th edition & old papers.

Be cool, go through tcs website, it’s a must. Study abt the past of tcs. Vision, mission, all given in site. Be ready for all types of q’s.

Be thorough with C, C++, OS, DBMS, DS, S/w Engg atleast
Above all, have faith in God.Regards,

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